Tammy’s program and philosophy on healthy weight loss works! I have always been healthy and in shape but I always wanted to become leaner with more energy and focus. I have a demanding career with a lot of travel and stress. It can be hard to eat well and feel good. I tried many different approaches to lose 15-20 pounds but after a short period, cravings would return and I ended up back at square one. Tammy’s approach is simple and easy and is not a diet but rather a change of eating habits that immediately brings results. I can eat things I love to eat and I am never starving. I am down 18 pounds with another 7-10 to go. My energy and mental focus has increased significantly and my sleep is much better. Most importantly, Tammy is a master motivator and she is available at a moment’s notice if you are feeling mentally weak get a craving or if you have a question about an ingredient or recipe. I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a lifestyle change to improve mental and physical health.

Dave, CEO